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EasyCreator update Version 0.0.10 BETA Print
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 00:00

EasyCreator is a developer tool.
It trys to speed up the developing process of custom components, modules, plugin and templates.
You can create a 'frame' for your extension and an installable zip package with just a few 'clicks'.


EasyCreator trys to assist from the start to the release of your custom extension.

You can start up by creating a 'frame' (read: 'hello world' applications - slightly enhanced) for your extension based on predefined templates for components, modules and plugins (templates coming soon ;).

This frame then gets installed into your running Joomla! installation. Ready to use. You can also import your already existing and installed extension.

Now it's up to you to fill that frame with your custom code (we assume you already know about that ;)

EasyCreator also trys to assist you in the creation of multilingual extensions. This is done by comparing the existing language file to each other and then examine the php and xml code for appearences of 'JText::***'.
The results are then compared and give you a pretty overwiew of untranslated strings, missing and obsolete translations.


Version 0.0.10 BETA

  • Moved Archive to Packer view
  • Custom options for extension templates
  • Plugin extension template in custom folder
  • Option to delete translations
  • Fixed custom folders for plugins not included in packages
  • Changed all models to helpers !
  • removed DirectoryInfo class
  • Refactoring of 'Add Elements' - all code comes from templates now
  • Improved logging
  • Updated EditArea to version
  • Added a 'create table + admin' part - thanks hidabe
  • Added a 'map table + admin' part
  • Facelifting for EasyCreator - green is easy =;)
  • Cleanup language manager
  • Using lightbox & ajax for translation
  • Added DokuWiki DifferenceEngine for language file diffs - see: helpers/DifferenceEngine.php
  • Removed old diff routine
  • Misspelled param in user plugin example
Happy coding Lächelnd Team

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